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My weekend CVS shopping trip 7/1/12


Here is what I got at CVS this weekend.

Transaction #1

6 Diet Coke 10.62

3 things of Cookies 3.00

4 Skinny Waters 6.68 (one didn’t make it home it was 104 outside i needed fluid lol)

10 Emerald Nuts 10.00

1 Cortaid 5.79

2 Alcohols 6.58

Retail 42.67  After sales, coupons, and Viggle gift cards I paid 0.00 for this!


Transaction #2


2 packs of Plates 5.98

3 Body Washes 7.77

2 Skinny Waters 3.34

2 Flintstones 13.98

2 12 pks of batteries 13.58

1 Note Book 2.49

1 10ct Trash Bags 3.79

3 Crystal Lights 8.97

1 Propel 3.99

Retail 63.89 After sales, coupons, and Viggle gift cards I paid 1.25 for this!

Shopping trip total 106.56 and I was only OOP 1.25


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Shopping Trip 5/25/12


Kroger/Petco Shopping Haul


1 Skim Milk .99  Paid .99

1 Sour Cream 1.69  Paid 1.00

4 Ballpark Franks 14.76   Paid 2.00

2 Oscar Mayer Bologna 4.18  Paid 2.00

2 Oscar Mayer Honey Ham 3.58  Paid 2.00

1 Oscar Mayer Selects Turkey 4.49  Paid .00

Oscar Mayer Lunchmeats Catalina
   Effective 5/14-6/10
   Buy 3 and get a $2 on your next order Catalina
   Buy 4 and get a $3 on your next order Catalina
   Buy 5+ and get a $4 on your next order Catalina

8 Kroger Lunch Meats 6.32  Paid 6.32

1 Shredded Cheese 2.99  Paid 2.99

2 Fudgesicles 3.98  Paid 1.00

2 Popsicles 3.98  Paid 1.00

2 Natural Balance Dog Food Rolls 1.98  Paid .00

2 Science Diet Dog Food 2.68  Paid .00

2 Natural Balance Cat Food Pouches 1.98  Paid .00

1 Cucumber .67  Paid .67

1 Cherry Tomatoes 3.99  Paid 3.99

8 Nail Polish Removers 6.32  Paid 4.00

3 Pillsbury Grands Biscuits 4.77  Paid 2.20

2 Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls 3.90  Paid 1.20

2 Milkbone Trail Mix 8.58  Paid 2.78

2 Glade Plugins 2.98  Paid +.12


If so here is a great deal at Kroger for it.

Retail 79.84

After Coupons, Catalina & Sales I was out of pocket only 26.50!  That is a savings of 67%


Freebies I have received in my Mailbox in the last week 5/22/12


Here is what I have gotten in my mail this past week. Did you get anything good in yours?

Always Coupons

SKYN Sample

Fembody Sample w/coupon

2 Mystery Books

Dollar General Coupon

Gevalia Sample

3 Gucci Flora Samples

Baby Talk Magizine

2 Earbuds

2 Oatmeal Squares Samples w/coupons

2 Whole Hearts Samples w/coupons

and a really nice Water Bottle from L&M

What goodies did you have in your mailbox?


Shopping Trip 5/19/12


I didn’t do much shopping this weekend but I didn’t do to bad.

4 Purex

1 Bodywash

Retail 21.92

After sales, coupon, & RR’s I paid 4.00 out of pocket. That is a 82% savings!


Shopping Trip 5/15/12


Hello everyone here are the goodies I got on my shopping trip today. Just wait till you see the savings.

Here is what I got.

1 Coffee-Mate Creamer 3.49

6 Starbucks Refreshers

2 5lb Bags of Tidy Cat

1 Paper Plate

1 Paper Bowls

4 Jello Puddings

2 Body Wash

1 Pack Pony Tail Holders

4 Pure Protein Bars

2 60 Count Flintstones Vitamins

1 Alcohol

1 Laxative

2 24 Count DeerPark Water

2 Bags of Beggin Strips

Retail 91.82

After Coupons, Sales, & Viggle gift cards I was out of pocket only 12.23!  That is a savings of 87% Not bad if I do say so myself.

Did you have a shopping haul you want to brag about? If so post your #’s in the comment section below.

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Kroger Shopping Trip 5/11 ~L~


I made a trip to Kroger yesterday afternoon 5/11/12 and here is what I got.

2 4 pk of Angel Soft 2.26

4 Carefree’s 4.36

8 Country Time’s 30.32

1 Dozen Eggs 1.79

8 Pure Protein Bars 10.32

1 Bag Mini Carrots 1.49

4 Sun Drop 2 Liters 7.96

1 Pepsi Next 2 Liter 1.99

1 Kraft Dressing 2.79

4 Good n Natural Bars 5.40

1 Ruffles Smokehouse Style BBQ Chips 1.49

Retail 70.17

After Coupons and Sales I was out of pocket only 10.00!  That is a savings of 86% Not bad if I do say so myself.

Did you have a shopping haul you want to brag about? If so post your #’s in the comment section below.



Just a little rant from L

So I wanted to take the time to share with you all something that I noticed this weekend while shopping at Walmart.

Walmart is my favorite store to shop at. I find that they have the cheapest prices most of the time, and if they don’t they will match any other competitors sales price. They are the one store you can almost always get freebies at plus get money making items.

So I made my list to head off to Walmart to do my food shopping. I had my normal items on my list like Chicken, Crystal Light, Salmon, Etc.

This is the Chicken I buy bi-weekly. Its Tyson 2.5lb bag. This is my receipt from 4/15 I paid 4.98 for this.


When I went to purchase it this weekend it was 7.58!!! Up 2.60 from 2 weeks ago.

Now on the the next.

Here is the Salmon I buy bi-weekly. Its Gorton Grilled Salmon. This is my receipt from 4/15 I paid 2.98 for this.


When I went to purchase it this weekend it was 4.98!!! Up 2.00 from 2 weeks ago.

Has anyone else noticed any price changes this drastic?  It makes me sad cause it messes my budget all up.

Thanks for taking the time to read my rant. Please share your thoughts on this below in the comment area. ~L~


Weekend Shopping Haul 4/29/12

I made a weekend shopping trip and here is what I got.

1 Dozen Eggs .69

3 Jello Puddings 8.94

3 Scrubbing Bubbles Gel 10.41

3 Scrubbing Bubbles Starter Kit 19.41

1 Tampax Peral 4.18

1 Arm & Hammer Litter Deodorizer 2.24

2 Beggin 5.26

1 Milk Bone 2.50

3lbs Onion 3.48

1 Wish Bone Salad Spritzer 1.88

1pk Mushroom 1.94

3 Tyson Chicken 7.50

1 3lb bag Chicken Breast 5.49

1 Pork Skin .89

3 Laxactives 1.76

Retail 77.57

After Coupons and money I earned from Jingit I was out of pocket only 20.39 That is a savings of 74% Not bad if I do say so myself.

If you are not using Jingit yet feel free to ask me about it. I love it!

Did you make a weekend shopping trip? If so what was the best deal you got? I will say mine was the Scrubbing Bubbles, Buy one Gel get a Starter Kit free. So I paid 10.41 and received 29.82 in scrubbing bubbles products.