Earn even more SwagBucks with SBTV Originals


Earn even more Swagbucks with SBTV Originals


Swagbucks is an awesome reward site!  You really can earn money for doing something you do all day every day!  I use Swagbucks to help pay for Christmas.  Last year I bought over $150 in Melissa and Doug toys with my Amazon gift cards that I received from Swagbucks.


Now Swagbucks has added a way to earn even more by watching videos made by Team Swagbucks!  If you are not being rewarded, hurry and get signed up.   If you already signed up make sure you check out the SBTV originals and watch your meter go up!


Want to Earn Some Christmas Cash?




MySurvey is looking for new people!  This is a great way to earn extra Christmas cash!  Christmas will be here before you know it, so get started earning now!


Making Money with Jingit!


Lynn and I love Jingit.  We’ve been earning with Jingit for almost a year.  They slowed way down and revamped their site and ways to earn and they are great to work with.


Once you sign up with them watch all the videos. Once you have your account up to $2 request the Jingit Card. They will take $2 out of your Jingit account and send you the card. Although the card says that it charges fees we have never paid a fee in the year that we have been earning with Jingit.  I have 55.25 saved on mine now!


Get Your Swag on with Dads VS Grads




Swagbucks is offering up more fun with a great contest!

Swagbucks is having an early summer smackdown as two generations collide to see who can earn the most from Swagbucks: Dads or Grads? Join now and start earning, because everything you make from the Search, Daily Polls, NOSO, the Toolbar, Tasks, SBTV, Surveys, Special Offers and Daily deals will earn points for your team from June 7th-June 13th. Winning team members whom contribute at least one point to the team goal will receive 25 bonus Swag Bucks! Runner-up team members whom contribute at least one point to the team goal will receive 10 bonus Swag Bucks! The top point-earner from each team will be crowned the Valedictorian or Top Pop and earn themselves a cool 500 Swag Buck bonus!

If you are not a member of Swagbucks hurry and sign up to join the fun. You can also get an extra 70 Swagbucks click here to find out more.  I’m on team dad.  What team are you on?


SwagBucks=Free Money

Search & Win

Are you earning free money with SwagBucks? If not join us and start stacking your money now. I always cash out for $5 Amazon Gift Cards which are just 450 Swagbucks. I save them all year and use them at Christmas. I was able to buy over 50% of our Christmas presents last year with my Amazon Codes.

The great thing about Swagbucks is that even if your friends will not sign up you can still earn a lot of SwagBucks just by searching. There are so many ways to earn daily.

For the month of June new sign ups can use the code JUNETASTIC during registration and get an extra 70 Swagbucks.
We love Swagbucks and announce everytime there is a new Swag Code so that you can get your Swagbucks.  Ready to start saving for Christmas?  Click here


SwagBucks Carnival Collector Bills




SwagBucks is in full Carnival Mode. Swagbucks is releasing a new set of Collector’s Bills – five special, carnival themed Swag Buck denominations that you can only win through search! Collect all five before 11:59pm PT on May 31st and you’ll get a 10 Swag Bucks bonus! Also, you can share the special bills you win by going to the My Swag Bucks area of your account – if you share on Pinterest and include your SB Username in your pin, you could be randomly chosen to win 100 Swag Bucks. Step right up and join the fun! So make sure you are searching and collecting.

If you have not got on the Swag Train now is a great time to join the easy money Swag Train!  Click here to join now.