Squash Summer Boredom Here

    Looking for a way to cure the summer boredom blues?  Check out these free crafts.  I love getting this newsletter it is packed full of great crafting ideas for us.  I’ve not tired the recycled ones yet.  Do you craft with your Mini’s?  Click the banner to get your craft ideas.  

Free Pre-School Supplies for Teachers

If you are a teacher you are going to want to check this out! Free Preschool Supplies Program – Preschool teachers can get a free supply every month for their classroom. Click through to learn more!

Free Magazine Subscription


  I free magazine subscriptions!! After reading them I take out the pages that I want for future reference like recipes or a really good article. I let Mini have them once I am done. She like to cut our pictures and use them to make collages. Leads to a great rainy day activity.

Enjoy these Great Recipes for Diabetics


With the Holiday coming up, it makes it hard to keep your blood sugar under control.  I mean who doesn’t love Pecan Pie?  I know I do. Take a short survey and get this free recipe book and have a Great HOLIDAY season.

Free Sample of Prilosec


  I love when this Freebie rolls around I love getting these little packs to keep in my purse.  You just never know when you will be out and about and need one.  I have relied on that free sample more times than I can count and I love seeing it when it comes around […]

Need Help paying for Christmas?


    Face it Christmas is expensive!  This is not a quick get rich idea but it really does work.  The goal is to save all your rewards from Christmas. MySurvey is looking for new people to voice their opinions and get rewarded.  You may not earn enough to have a “FREE: Christmas you still […]

Awesome Freebie Full of Halloween Treats!

Spiderlicious Punch

  I not one to do fancy complicated holiday items but this freebie is packed with great recipes even I would tackle!  Tickle your Mini’s Fancy with these and many more treats! Spiderlicious Punch Jack O’ Lantern Chili Pumpkin Crunch Cream Pie

Awesome Freebie for your Mailbox


  I requested this the last time it was available and we love it.  This book is back with loads of information, maps and beautiful pictures.  Best of all it’s free and you DO NOT get tons of spam.  I hate freebies that give you spam along with them.