From the Pastor's Desk 4/7

This past week I was asked to come be witness at the swearing in of a Judge. The Person that was sworn into office, is my prayer partner. I told him a little over a year ago that he could do so much from where God was getting him positioned for. He looked at me […]

Making Choices!


  Choices!  We all have to make them.  I worry about the BIG choices I have to make and run to God for his guidance  but what about the small choices?  I often leave God out! God wants to be included in every choice we make.  The BIG, the small and even when we don’t […]

Do you Plan?


      Are you a planner? Do you plan what you will wear, what  you’ll eat, and what you’ll do for the day. I tend to plan my day the night before right after my evening prayers. I never think twice about those plans, never wonder if they line up with what God has […]

A love Like No Other!

cross heart

    I was reading an email this week that really struck a chord in me and inspired me to write this for our Sunday post. It made me realize the depth of God’s love for us and I really want to share it with you.     You keep track of all my sorrows. […]