Jantastic Swag Code Extravaganza 1/22


We ♥ Swag Code Extravaganza’s.  It’s a great time to rack up Swag bucks and Swag bucks equals money in our pocket.  There will be a SwagCode Extravaganza tomorrow January 1/22.  If you are new to Swagbucks you can use JANTASTIC during registration and you will get an extra 70  Swagbucks!

  • Extravaganza will be on Tuesday, January 22nd
  • Codes will be out all throughout the day
  • 65 Swag Bucks worth of codes in total
  • All codes are themed around the month of January
  • Registration code JANTASTIC worth additional 70 Swag Bucks from now until 11:59pm PT on Tuesday, Jan 22nd

Earn even more SwagBucks with SBTV Originals


Earn even more Swagbucks with SBTV Originals


Swagbucks is an awesome reward site!  You really can earn money for doing something you do all day every day!  I use Swagbucks to help pay for Christmas.  Last year I bought over $150 in Melissa and Doug toys with my Amazon gift cards that I received from Swagbucks.


Now Swagbucks has added a way to earn even more by watching videos made by Team Swagbucks!  If you are not being rewarded, hurry and get signed up.   If you already signed up make sure you check out the SBTV originals and watch your meter go up!


Swagbucks Goes MOBILE!



In honor of Swagbucks going mobile they are offering up 60 extra Swagbucks for new sign ups! Now just in case you have missed Swagbucks on your list of ways to earn here’s a little about how it works!

Swagbucks has to be one of the easiest way to earn gift cards. You earn when you search, you earn when you download the tool bar, earn taking daily polls, and they offer SwagCodes at random times that we post to our Facebook wall! I redeem for the Amazon Gift Cards you can get a $5 card for just 450 Swagbucks. I add this to my account and I use it at Christmas time. If you are not signed up for Swagbucks make sure you use SBISONTHEGO during sign up and you will get an extra 60 SB’s on top of the usual 30!


Here’s a great tutorial on Swagbucks mobile!


Get Your Swag on with Dads VS Grads




Swagbucks is offering up more fun with a great contest!

Swagbucks is having an early summer smackdown as two generations collide to see who can earn the most from Swagbucks: Dads or Grads? Join now and start earning, because everything you make from the Search, Daily Polls, NOSO, the Toolbar, Tasks, SBTV, Surveys, Special Offers and Daily deals will earn points for your team from June 7th-June 13th. Winning team members whom contribute at least one point to the team goal will receive 25 bonus Swag Bucks! Runner-up team members whom contribute at least one point to the team goal will receive 10 bonus Swag Bucks! The top point-earner from each team will be crowned the Valedictorian or Top Pop and earn themselves a cool 500 Swag Buck bonus!

If you are not a member of Swagbucks hurry and sign up to join the fun. You can also get an extra 70 Swagbucks click here to find out more.  I’m on team dad.  What team are you on?


SwagBucks Carnival Collector Bills




SwagBucks is in full Carnival Mode. Swagbucks is releasing a new set of Collector’s Bills – five special, carnival themed Swag Buck denominations that you can only win through search! Collect all five before 11:59pm PT on May 31st and you’ll get a 10 Swag Bucks bonus! Also, you can share the special bills you win by going to the My Swag Bucks area of your account – if you share on Pinterest and include your SB Username in your pin, you could be randomly chosen to win 100 Swag Bucks. Step right up and join the fun! So make sure you are searching and collecting.

If you have not got on the Swag Train now is a great time to join the easy money Swag Train!  Click here to join now.


Are you Swaggin’?




Are you a member of Swag Bucks yet?  If not there’s no better time to join than now. The SwagBucks Carnival has started, and it gives you an opportunity to earn bonus Swag Bucks each day just for earning the way you normally would. Check the meter on your homepage and you’ll see you daily goal and how close you are to hitting it. Every day you hit the goal, you add to your bonus! As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll get additional bonuses based on how many days of the Carnival you’re able to hit your goal!


To top it all, Swagbucks is having a Swag Code extravaganza on Monday – that means lots of codes, lots of Swag Bucks and lots of fun! Don’t miss it!   We will try to let you know when codes are out on Monday.  So join us for some swaggin’ fun!


So if you are not a member get signed up and get ready for Monday.  Click here to sign up now!


Las Vegas Week and A Swag Code Extravaganza



Today is the LAST day to get your Swag Mom nominations in.  You can even nominate yourself!  The winner will recieve a private jet trip to Vegas for a spa vacation.

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